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AIDA Automatic IDEA & IP Generator - with AI Chatbot Idea Prompter 2023 
a new app that enhances your creative thinking with TRIZ innovation principles for fast ideation
Plattform: MS EXCEL without macros
Price: from EUR 49,00 excl. VAT (single pack for universities or private use, incl. TRIZ Handbook 2022, PDF)
Language: English or German
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AIDA Automatic IDEA & IP Generator
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TriSolver Professional - Special offer 2023 
classical TRIZ tool that empowers you as seasoned inventor and creative innovator
TriSolver Professional provides the complete TRIZ-toolbox for inventive and systematic problem solving.
Plattform: MS Windows

Price: EUR 95,00  excl. VAT   (Download, incl. free TRIZ Handbook 2022, 300p., PDF)
Language: English and German

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TRIZ Handbook 2022 - 300 pages

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