TriSolver Corporate Training

The desire to give one's own management and development teams the necessary knowledge about the methods of systematic and inventive problem solving often conflicts with busy schedules and the general shortage of time during the working day.
To overcome this conflict, TriSolver Consulting has developed a special training programme for business and industry.
The training programme consists of 4 application-specific stages each lasting 2 to 5 days. The following options are then open to the company:
The training of their own TRIZ experts through the participation in all levels of the programme.
Having a greater number of employees trained through a rotation-system.
The contents, number and duration of the levels are tailored to match the requirements of the company. This way, the complete training cycle can be completed within 2 to 12 months depending upon the time available.  

Goals of the Corporate Training Course

to train the development and project teams in the working procedures of TRIZ.
to increase the technical creativity, quality and speed in the search for solutions.
to develop new products and reduce bottlenecks with innovative solutions for known problem areas.
to establish future prospects in definite product areas.
to ensure new innovations and market leadership in the short, medium and long-term.
to actively embed TRIZ Innovation Technology with its computer-aided tools into the structure of the company.

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