TriSolver can support your organisation considerably in the structuring and accelerating of the innovation processes during the continuous product development stages or for limited periods of time - depending upon the scope of the tasks and requirements.

The TriSolver innovation approach takes you through the following stages:
The uncovering of the hidden wants and needs of your customers through a special method of evaluating customer satisfaction, so you can recognise what you have to do to raise the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.
The simultaneous making of a long-term prediction (10-15 years) of the technical developments of your products or processes, based up on the latest technology. If required, you can try to get around the patents of your competitors and to strengthen your market position in the medium to long term.
After stages 1 and 2, the creating of your long-term innovation strategy. You are able to come up with new features for your products or services, which will enthuse your customers. With this knowledge, you can make a large impact on the market with a little effort.
The rapid implementation of these features using the inventive and problem solving techniques within TRIZ into a new technical solution with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.
The conducting of a comprehensive search for solutions in the most important business areas, also using TRIZ. Your competitors are then left with very little chance of making any major improvements to or out-classing your technical solution within the next 10 years.
The protecting of your intellectual and technological property with the patent fences and other measures.
The subjecting of your new concepts and products to a 'subversive' analysis using "anticipatory failure identification" (AFI-method). Teething problems with the introduction of new products onto the market can then be practically eradicated.
The familiarising of the managerial and specialised staff within your organisation with the TRIZ innovation technology, to enable the timesaving and effective solving of all tasks and problems from the initial conceptualisation right up to the launch of the product. This is achieved through, above all, "hands-on" experience.
The creation of an intranet platform as an idea generation, information and knowledge management system for the searching, cataloguing and saving of all relevant information and documentation within the organisation.
Using TriSolver innovation approach you will be able to strengthen your position in the market or extend your lead over your competitors.

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