Computer-Aided Innovation with TriSolver Software
TriSolver Software offers unique tools for the systematic development, management and monitoring of innovation process. It can be used for:

Innovation management
Conceptual development of new products, processes and business strategies. Forecasting of the evolution of technological systems, products and processes.

Quality management
Anticipatory risk analysis, inventive failure identification and troubleshooting for new and existing products, processes or business strategies. Integration and supplementation of the AFI-Method (Anticipatory Failure Identification) with FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), HAZOP and other methods.

Product and process optimisation
Product- and process optimisation, advanced value engineering and cost reduction.

Customer-driven innovation
Development of innovative customer-inspiring concepts.

Training and education
Training in TRIZ and Computer-Aided Innovation.

Problem solving
Inventive problem solving and comprehensive search for solutions. Your competitors are then left with very little chance of making any major improvements to or out-classing your technical solution.

Protection of intellectual property
Protection of company expertise with patent fences. Overcoming of the competitor patents.

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