TriSolver for Executives

Applying the TRIZ 'thinking' tools of inventive problem solving in engineering successfully replaces the unsystematic trial-and-error method in the search for solutions in the everyday life of engineers and developers. The majority of organisational management decisions made by the executives and managing directors however are still based on their intuition and personal experience. Therefore often complex contexts are extremely simplified, alternatives ignored, constraints avoided, risk not evaluated correctly and resources, knowledge and potentials not utilised for the best problem solving at the right time.
This is part of the reason for the growing demand from management people for systematic and powerful thinking tools, which assist the executives processing the information and making the right decisions in time.
The TriSolver innovation approach offers such thinking tools:

Innovation Principles for Business and Management as well as Separation Principles for resolving organisational contradictions and conflicts.

Methods for visualizing highly complex systems.

Procedures and checklists of the anticipatory failure identification for prediction and evaluation of business risks.

Operators for revealing and utilising system resources as a basis for effective and cost-saving decisions.

Patterns of evolution of technical systems to support systematic and multi-dimensional thinking.

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